Could You Trust Your Partner to Pick the Right House?

Dated: April 14 2022

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Couples dream of buying a home together, leisurely enjoying a latte while dropping by open houses to look at remodeled kitchens and manicured backyards. Today’s market is quite different. Desirable homes are snapped up the moment they hit the market, often with multiple offers. Homebuyers in this climate must move quickly. This may require jumping on an opportunity without both partners adding their input.

Adding more complexity to a heated real estate market is job mobility. The US is experiencing an unprecedented job market. More employees than ever before are offering remote work environments. This business climate not only offers flexibility in living location but also the opportunity to make a career move. Making a change in location, regardless of the reason, often means one partner can travel for house hunting.

So, how can you trust your partner to find the right house?

Before starting the home search, it’s important to work together to identify what features are essential to the new home:

• Size

• Yard

• Bedrooms/bathrooms

• Schools

• Commute

• Community amenities

• Local services; shopping, restaurants, entertainment, gyms, parks, etc.

All these and more should be discussed and expectations set. Fortunately, we also have extensive virtual tools to use in the home search. Not only virtual tours, video, and drones, but a simple cell phone can easily take the absent partner on the house tour in real-time.

Can you trust your partner to choose the right house? With some honest conversation, careful planning, and technology – yes, you can!

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